Moving Tips

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Planning ahead for your move will make it less stressful and a more positive experience. Although this is not always possible, here are a few tips and techniques to make your move easier.

1. If you hire a moving company they will pack everything for you, however you should pack your important paperwork and any sentimental items. If you have children allow them to help by packing their toys.

2. Make sure that you are there when the movers are packing your stuff.

3. Make sure that all boxes are clearly labeled on both the top of the box and on at least one other side of each box. Be sure the boxes are clearly labeled with which room they should go into. If you are using movers label the bedrooms at the new house the same way you labeled the boxes.

4. If you want to save money and still use the movers you should pack your stuff yourself.

5. If you have any friends or families that have borrowed any of your items this is the time to ask for them back. This would also be a good time for you to return any items that you have loaned from family and friends.

6. If you have lots of books please consider either packing them in lots of small boxes or spreading them out among your furniture, such as cabinets and drawers.

7. Do not store breakables or heavy items in drawers!

8. Make sure all the furniture and drawers are empty. It’s much safer for the structure of it and makes it easier to carry.

9. Use thick tape and make a across mirrors and picture glass so that if the glass is accidentally broken during the move there is less glass to clean up.

10. To remove sticky residue from tape and other adhesive products you can use mineral oil, baby oil, eucalyptus oil, or goop remover.

11. Make a list of any new items you may need for the new house.

12. Please keep aside any cleaning equipment so that you may use it right away at your new house. Please include in this list light bulbs!

13. Before you pack any of your appliances please clean them thoroughly and let them dry completely. Especially tip all the crumbs out of the toaster.

14. Be sure to clean out your refrigerator and freezer really well before moving them. To prevent the fridge from smelling use one of these ideas: wipe out the fridge with a damp cloth with vanilla essence, dry out the fridge with a hair dryer especially the corners, and/or put silica gel in the fresh department or fine blend coffee in a piece of muslin, these will soak up any extra moisture. When you have cleaned out the fridge and defrosted the freezer keep the doors slightly open to keep the air circulating just before you move them.

15. If you are moving with children show them around the new house just before your move in and answer any questions they may have.

16. See if any of the neighbors have any kids around the same age as your children.

17. Introduce yourselves to your new neighbors.

18. Look around your new neighborhood to find out where the local hospitals are located as well as restaurants and various forms of entertainment.

19. Ask your current attorney, doctor, and dentist for their recommendations on professionals in your new neighborhood.

20. Be sure to transfer any medical records and school records.

21. Be sure to remember to discontinue the following services at your old home: gas, electric, water, phone, newspaper, cable TV, DSL and other local internet services if you have them, and cellular phone.

22. Be sure to notify the following of your change of address: post office, credit cards, insurance, magazines, and bank.

23. If you have any pets, it will probably be best to move them first and find a quiet place for them while all the moving is happening. For example if you have cats put them in a bathroom with their food, water, and litter box (on the opposite side of the room away from the food). Then leave a note on the door “Please do not enter!” If you have outside dogs put them in the backyard so that they can get used to their new environment and if you have lots of windows inside they can watch everything that is going on.

24. Smaller caged pets especially easily stressed animals should be moved last after all the excitement has settled down.

If you plan your move very carefully and use some of the above advise you may find the move relaxing and a little bit fun. If it gets too stressful take a break and find something to laugh about, you will probably feel better. Just remember you can take your time with unpacking and this is a perfect opportunity to completely reorganize your home.