First of all, ask yourself a question. Do you need winter clothes for the destination where you are moving? If the answer is no (might be funny, but think hard about this), congratulations, you have one less thing to do on your probably enormous to-do list for moving. If the answer is yes, congratulations – you are about to learn some great tips for packing winter clothes for moving and relocating in cold weather made easy. To be honest packing clothes isn’t that hard and should be relatively easy. After all, clothes don’t break like some other stuff that are you looking to move with you. However, if you need to pack winter clothes for moving, that’s a whole different beast.

Winter Clothes And Boots Stacked On And Around A Suitcase

Why are winter clothes obnoxious to pack?

Well, this should be obvious but let’s quickly go through this. When you think about winter and going outside of your warm place the first thing that comes to most people is layers of clothes that we should put on us. So, you have garments that are all thick. Being thick takes up a lot of space and usually, the space you have is limited. Remember one more thing if it is bulkier than normal clothes it is also heavier. Remember this.

Prepare your clothes

There are a few steps you should consider doing before getting to packing it up. Prepare your ‘moving equipment’ so get your moving boxes NYC, suitcases, bags everything that can hold clothes. Search for movers and packers services in your area.

Wash everything

Makes sure all of your winter clothes are clean. This is especially necessary if you are moving to a cold place so you will need warm clothes right away. Make sure that you will have clothes for at least an entire week right away at your disposal, ask your movers about this. Doing the washing before removes worrying and headaches!


This will also be a great opportunity to dispose of old clothes which you no longer fit in or it is torn or worn out, or perhaps you just don’t like it anymore. It’s a good idea to donate these!  Next step is to gather clothes of the same purpose and material together. If you are packing for more people then separate each person’s clothes individually.

A Woman Is Sorting Out Winter Clothes


You should grab suitable containers that will help you transport it from point A to point B, safely and smart. Figure out what type of moving boxes you need and get them at your cheap local movers NYC. These kinds of containers are great – make sure you use them in the right way:

  • Wardrobe boxes (also known as garment boxes) – in this specialized container for packing your clothes are hanging so it is a great way to prevent wrinkles. This is also making packing and unpacking easier.
  • Cardboard moving boxes or plastic containers – “standard” boxes or reusable plastic moving containers are simply the best for folded clothes.
  • Suitcases and duffel bags – alternative for cardboard boxes, if you don’t have enough boxes grab some of these instead. You can put shoes and boots in these as well.
  • Vacuum bags – these are absolutely perfect for winter clothes. You can say that vacuum bags and winter clothes are a match from heaven.
  • Garbage bags – multiple purposes. You can cover your hanging clothes or replace cardboard boxes.

Winter Clothes Packed In A Hard Suitcase For The Moving

Packing it, finally

Yay! You have come one step closer to completing a, for some people tedious, task.

Foldable clothes

You should consider putting these in cardboard boxes, suitcases, or garbage bags.  Grab containers and grab clothes such as sweaters. First of all, consider rolling these instead of folding them.  This will do two good things for you. One is you will save space, if you don’t think this is the case grab a box and try both folding and rolling, second is rolling saves time for you as well. How? It won’t wrinkle so you don’t have to iron it after unpacking. You might want to use rubber bands to secure clothes from unrolling.

  • These are some steps that will help you with rolling clothes:
  • Make sure you have a flat surface, even the bed can be useful and put your clothing flat.
  • Take a bottom part and turn it inside-out and roll just a notch. Make sure corners are straight with no wrinkles.
  • Take one side and fold it to the center, fold the sleeve as well back to the side.
  • Do the same for the other side.
  • Roll up the sweater tightly by starting from the neck to the bottom, roll as tightly as you can.
  • Roll over the bottom, and now the part you put inside-out at the beginning put over the roll, so you will secure your roll. You don’t need to use rubber bands. Make sure everything is tight and without wrinkles.
  • After this, your clothes are ready to be put into boxes and moved and you have successfully packed them yourself, pat yourself on the back. Go with the classic fold if you aren’t convinced that rolling is the best way to go. More power to you.

Coats, jackets, etc.

These can hang, so if you can put them into wardrobe box. If you don’t have any follow the same steps for rolling them as for sweaters. If you are hanging them, consider putting them into a garbage bag and securing it with a rubber band.

A Woman Is Packing Winter Clothes For Moving

Gloves, hats, and scarves

Grab the mid-sized box and use it for hats, scarves, and hats, or simply use a garbage bag put it there. If you are moving in winter put some to wear right away.

Vacuumable clothes

If you wonder how to save space when packing for a move, that’s easy – use vacuum bags. They have a valve on the outside on which you put a vacuum hose or hand pump and suck the air out of it. You fold your winter clothes and put them in the bag (wool, syntactic fiber, etc.) and you take extra air out of everything so you will get a nice flat bag of clothes.

You did it!

Now you are finally done and ready to put all of your boxes, bags, and suitcases into moving trucks of the preferred NYC moving company! Bonus tip: make sure your shoes aren’t damaged in this process!

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